Rooted to Fly

As I prepared to share at my mom’s funeral service, I was allowed a minute and a half to share what represented 36 years of unconditional love, sacrifices, wisdom, and real-world prep– the 36 precious years that my mom invested in my life. Now, one minute, thirty seconds to sum it up.

Smothered in prayer and covered in tears, I sat on her bed. Reflecting. But then I looked up and saw it: a plaque on her dresser.  I never really paid much attention to it before.  Perfect!

“The best things you can give your children are roots and wings”.

It said nothing more, but it completely encapsulated my mom’s child-raising philosophy:

  1. Give your children a secure foundation which is deep and cannot be shaken, a sanctuary to which they can always run.
  2. But also give them the wings to soar high and experience all that this life has to offer.

She and dad more than succeeded in these two goals, they excelled.  Our home was secure and my wings never clipped.  They taught us to discover our own dreams and encouraged us to chase them with all that we had.  Our security was their love, and it never failed.

Roots-N-Wings is therefore dedicated to my mom & dad and to my own children to whom I hope to establish the same legacy.

Welcome!  I hope you’re encouraged and blessed.